February 2019
Dragonmedia Publishing, Inc.
189 Pages
Medieval, Historical Romance, Scottish
Rating: 5 Cups

Wesley is on a mission and playing both sides is his role. Revenge changes a man, but when it is all one lives for, everyone is a pawn in the game – even the love lady Darla. He never expected her charms and a new reality would lead him to question the quest he is on.

Darla is a witch and no man has ever wanted the complication of loving her. When the man from her vision steps into her world she is unsure whether he will be her savior, or be the final man to turn her away. When everything is revealed, will any of it even matter?

Wesley is deceiving many to include the one woman he has fallen for; the pawn in his game. When Wesley discovers all is not as it seemed, he fears losing not only his life, but worse, Darla. Can these two overcome the pain to find the possibilities for the future, or will the pirates steal it all away?

The writing of Ms. Casie is so realistic it allows the reader to smell the sea water. The characters leap off the page and provide their own reasoning for being the men and women they are. The thrill of the adventure lures the reader in and the angst of the treacherous road to love keeps you reading to see how it could possible all end. I loved the world created by the author because it is vivid as to bring to mind the scenes of the town and cities of long ago with the all two dangerous pirates sailing the high seas. I highly recommend the writing of Ms. Cassie and the pirate world she has created.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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