ASIN#: B013V2MV00
August 26th 2015
Soulmate Publishing
222 pages
Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi, Steampunk
Rating: 5 Cups

Sadie, a diesel head and mechanic from the city, thought she found true love in Eridon, a werewolf, and agreed to be bitten and become his mate. Instead of love, she finds herself captive and tortured. She manages to flee towards of the wilds. There she is found by Domek, the alpha of Blue Wolf, who takes her into his enclave to learn how to be a wolf. To be one can involve pain, but he teaches her that pain can also be pleasure. She comes to enjoy her new reality and will give anything to protect it, even her life.

Domek, a werewolf, an alpha of Blue Wolf, is on the hunt for a rogue who chose the city that is known to break a shifter’s mind, over pack. While following the scent, he comes across the rogue’s mate, Sadie, instead. As alpha he accepts the responsibility of introducing a new wolf to the pack, but finds himself giving her more attention than usual. He feels deep down that she is his soul’s mate, but how can she be when she is already mated to the rogue, Eridon? No matter what the lore says he vows to make her his.

The rogue, Eridon, wants Sadie back and Domek wants her for his own. A mating is said to be eternal, once one half dies the other follows. Domek is certain there is a solution and searches to find it. That solution may come from the prophetic words of an owl seer, who is said to be north of the city. First he has to be found, which will take Sadie’s familiarity with the city, then they will have to make it there and back while avoiding the rogue. Is what he has to say worth the danger? Eridon needs to be stopped, but will it involve more than one death?

I adored this book! It started off with a bang and kept me riveted till the end. The world building was just stellar. It was a diesel world where mechanics and technology threatened the shifter existence, fueling a war that cleaves a rift between the races. The characters, even the secondary ones, were vivid and well-written. At first I was not too wild about the whole Dom/sub, light BDSM going on between Sadie and Domek, but the author made it work fitting nicely into the story, making it totally hot in the process. This story had a bit of everything, an enthralling romance, some twists and turns, a distinctive  diesel punk world, shifters and weres,  and well-drawn characters.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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