The Don’ts of Zombie Hunting Series

  • Book 1: Zombies Don’t Make Good Pets
  • Book 2: Zombies Don’t Know When to Knock
  • Book 3: Zombies Don’t Give Up

ISBN 01053703424
November 2022
Changeling Press LLC
Erotic Paranormal Anthology
Rating: 5 Cups

Jordan is a soldier and a brave soul who, even though in danger, is selfless and willing to help another survive. He has a good heart and he is open to love in depth and offer his heart to a woman. He is handsome and unique with vast understanding and a truly big heart.

Cora is a beautiful woman who faces her fears and does everything to survive and help others do the same, even though she loses part of herself in the process. Her love is deep and honest, and her bravery is remarkable.

I hated the thought of this story because I am not a fan of Zombies and I never read about them because I hate them. The love I found amongst the characters of this book and the sacrifices they were willing to make for one another, made me decide that this story was worth my attention, because love is what we all should aim for even in the darkest times of our world.

In the beginning of the book I hoped I would not see nightmares in my sleep, but after reading all the stories and about all the characters, I have this to say: Love in our world will never cease to exist because that ability of ours is what makes humanity possible to survive under any stress and torture. So do read this book even if you hate zombies like I do, because the love you will find in this story will imprint in your soul forever and will make you appreciate being a human even more.

Christine Baely
Reviewer Coffee Time Romance & More

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