ISBN: 9781509228348
October 2019
The Wild Rose Press
174 Pages
Sweet contemporary romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jessie has always been the family caregiver; being the primary parent for her brothers and sisters for her entire life. She left home years ago thinking it was her dream go be a big shot lawyer in the big city, but life changes in one moment of clarity and brings her back home. The very first person she sees when she arrives is the boy, now man, she had a crush on the entire time they were growing up.

Chase is a man on a ledge; his sister has left him holding her twin daughters with no intent to ever be their mother again. What can a man do but to step up and become the caregiver his twin nieces need? When a blast from the past walks in the door, and he decides she is the answer to his prayer and maybe some wishes he left behind many years ago.

Jessie has a secret and Chase is a temporary answer to the curve ball life throws her way. What she and Chase never gambled on was the twins bringing them closer than ever. How can there be a future if there are secrets hiding in the shadow on both sides? When the revelations come and the truth forces its way into the light, will they be able to forgive each other and move forward united?

I like the story of Jessie and Chase because it is a reality in today’s age when it comes to parents stepping up and caring for their babies. Chase and Jessie’s romance is a sweet love story in a small town ranching community that provides a love story to stand the test of time, if they can move past the obstacles thrown in their path. There is so much love in the pages to satisfy any romantic at heart. There are some twists to the story the reader will not see coming, but hang on for the ride because it is worth the read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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