Jamie K. Schmidt
ISBN/AISN: 978-1-950510-35-1 / B07QMP2VQF
June 2019
Tule Publishing


246 pages
Contemporary romance
Rating: 4 cups

Kelly Sullivan, eldest of three, was her rancher father’s favorite. That is, until she turned up pregnant and refused to divulge the father’s name. This got her evicted from the family home. She lands with an eccentric aunt in New York, pursues new directions with her photography career, and begins to raise her daughter, Alissa. Five years pass before her father’s sudden desire to get his daughters home before he sells the ranch comes as a shock.

Trent Campbell had been a champion bull rider, one who cut a wide swath with buckle bunnies and many other women. His one night stand with a cutie named Kelly took place just before a near fatal rodeo accident ended his career and almost his life. He retreated into a pit of depression and took months, almost years to recover.

Kelly dreads returning and dealing with the parents she felt had rejected her. They took Alissa to their hearts but she still felt an outsider. Then, she learns Trent is also back home. She had tried to reach him with the news he was going to be a father but he never replied. His rejection coupled with her family’s almost broke her. When they meet, he remembers her and hints they need to get back together, then admits he had been in hiding for some time after his accident. Kelly knows she has to tell him he is a dad—and soon finds out he also has a son several years older than Alissa whose mother is a journalist. Then she discovers Trent is starting a bull riding school on land he is buying from her father, making it clear the ranch really need not be sold. She feels betrayed. Is everyone conspiring to mess her life up even more? Still, Trent is hard to resist. Part of her does not want to, but how can she get past all the heartbreak?

The rodeo and ranch background felt real and vivid. I was really intrigued with the characters of Kelly and Trent, both strong and determined people who have major traumas to overcome. Their conflicts feel natural and valid and the attraction between them sizzles from their first re-meeting. This is the first of a trilogy, The Three Sisters Ranch. Titles and dates on the following books are not yet available.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More

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