The McCall Brothers, Book 4
ISBN#: 9781947636347
October 2017
Tule Publishing Group
110 Pages
Contemporary Romance, Western
Rating: 5 Cups

Cassidy James McCall is a woman down on her luck.  Life has kicked her around lately but the cherry on the top of the nightmare sundae is rear ending the man she once loved with every part of her soul.

Ryder cannot believe he was rear ended, but the nightmare is discovering the woman he once gave his heart to only to discover she was headed to the bright lights and glamour of tinsel town.  He cannot believe his bad luck and now the town is conspiring.

Cassidy is reminded of all she sacrificed for a career which no longer exists.  Ryder is the one man she could never forget, but her decision long ago to let him go so he could follow his dreams and not hers.  Time does not heal all wounds because both Ryder and Cassidy still feel all the love and pain as if it were yesterday, but Ryder now has a more important female to protect.

Laurie LeClair writes a heartbreaking and uplifting love story.  Everything seems impossible in the beginning, then there is a brief moment of hope before a drop into despair.  The reader is never sure until the very end if there will be a happy ending for all.  I love the writing of Laurie LeClair and the McCall Brothers series is a sure example of pure genius in romance writing.  The story of Cassidy and Ryder is a memorable one which will make the reader laugh, cry, and sometimes to do both at the same time.  I love The Cowboy’s Christmas Bride as much as I loved all the other wonderful stories in this series.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

The McCall Brothers:

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