ISBN# 978-1-949707-67-0
February 2019
Tule Publishing


E Book
$ 3.99
151 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Claire has moved to Montana to get away from the city and start new. Her past has hurt her; going from once an outgoing young lady, to a somewhat of a recluse. She wants to come out of her shell but can she take the cruelty?

Wes is a playboy helping his family on the ranch, until he meets his new neighbor Claire. Something about her makes him want to help her. He has learned about what she is concealing, now can he make her understand he will be there?

Claire and Wes both have issues they had to address. Anyone can relate to both characters. Their situation is not uncommon, yet hardly anyone talks about it. It makes you think about how people judge without knowing the history.

The romance between Claire and Wes will make you want to jump up and yell in their favor. They both grew as the story progressed. You could feel the love flowing from the pages. Faith, trust and love can make a person change for the better. At one point I as so moved I had to get tissues the writing is superb.

Reviewer at Coffee Time Romance & More

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