ISBN#: 978-1-77339-466-4
October 26, 2017
Evernight Publishing
158 pages
Paranormal, Seasonal/Holiday, Mainstream
Rating: 4 Cups

Alma Kobel is recently free from a nasty divorce, the new chef at Bright Day school, and it seems both it and her new apartment are haunted. In spite of all of the changes things seem to be looking up, her job is more fun than she thought it would be, and her apartment in an old Victorian, despite her odd landlords, is great. However the men in her life start to make things interesting. A ghost, her alcoholic ex-husband, and the health inspector at her new job all vie for her heart. What is a girl to do with such choices?

Stefan, her cheating, alcoholic ex-husband made her divorce horrid by finding any way he could to draw it out. Bartholomew Addison Jenkins’ or Bart as he likes to be called, the ghost at her apartment is handsome, suave, and way hot, even for a ghost, has an electrifying presence, and gives her experiences she will never forget. The other man in her life, Charlie, is the goofy, by the books health inspector that makes his rounds at her work who hides the fact that outside work he is an old hippy who plays the mandolin.

Bart gives her a night she will never forget. Once she meets Charlie outside of work and he invites her to listen to him play live music she is charmed by the difference. A drunken Stefan makes an attempt to win her back, but is scared away by Bart who puts on a horrifying show that grosses Alma out. After a night hiding at Charlie’s she begins to think a live boyfriend offers more. But, soon her apartment breaks out in flames and after they rush to check it out see Bart walking from the flames with his last request to Alma … to join him.

This story was just plain cute, I really liked it, there was a bit of everything mixed together. There were some funny parts, sexy parts, scary parts, nostalgic parts, (I love the time period the story is set in) with some good plot twists added in for good measure. You will not find the typical ghost love story here, you think you do at first, but the more you learn of Bart’s past and his later actions you begin to get a bit nervous for Alma. There was a lot packed into the story, but everything is wrapped up nicely at the end.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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