Crossing Realms Series

  • Book 1: The Keeper
  • Book 2: The Watcher
  • Book 3: The Betrayer

The Betrayer
Crossing Realms Series, Book 3
Rebecca Neely
March 13, 2019
Soul Mate Publishing
220 Pages
Sci-Fi Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

A world of lies and deceit is a way of life for a Betrayer. Being a mongrel, Jordan always believed she could not be anything else, even though it has never felt quite right.

The battle against Betrayers is slipping away for the Keepers, and Curtis fears for their future, as well as that of humans. Something big is brewing, and unless he and his family come up with a solution soon, everything will be lost.

To stay alive, Jordan has done things even she can barely stand to think about, but those days are nearing an end. When she awakens, thanks to Curtis’s intervention, Jordan does not exactly feel appreciative. Curtis’s analytical mind is completely befuddled by his body’s reaction to Jordan, but deep down he knows what she means to him. With her abilities, he also hopes she is the answer they have all been looking for.

It makes sense to read this series in the order intended, but if not, this story is a great read all on its own. Curtis’s slightly nerdy science guy personality, in combination with the gritty street smarts of Jordan, makes them offbeat and much more interesting. They play off each other well, and keep the suspense going strong. If you enjoy an exciting sci-fi with a bit of romance this story hits the spot.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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