ISBN# 9781948342179
February 2018
Tule Publishing Group
182 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Erwyn is a witch who is feared by most, but does not easily fear. When she is initially captured by the great warrior Thalgor, she is confused by his kindness. She begins to have visions of the Witch King and slowly begins to find Thalgor to be the man she wants.

Thalgor is confused by the emotions Erwyn brings forth in him but finds he is unable to resist having a witch on his side and a woman he deeply desires in his bed. As a warrior and leader he can have anything he wants, right?

The love between Erwyn and Thalgor is complicated by his beliefs about women and witches, as well as her beliefs in how and when she can use her magic. The struggle between Thalgor and Erwyn is complicated by the evil within their own camp and the enemies knocking on the door. Can two stubborn people admit their love for one another and stand together, or will the denial lead to the death of one?

A haunting mixture between love and hate, death and life, hope and despair, witch and warrior. I found each page to be a chance for the battles both personal and war to win or lose and never knowing which way the story would go. I was on edge throughout the entire book just wondering how it could ever work out. I would never have given the chances to Thalgore that Erwyn did because he was absolutely cruel at times. I felt bad for Thalgore because he struggled with his feelings about witches and Erwyn; it was an internal battle Thalgore had to overcome if he were to ever find happiness. The writing of Ms. Holland offers an alternative view of a paranormal story while offering a world from the past which seems so real.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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