ISBN#: 9781773398082
September 2018
Evernight Publishing     
169 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic, May/December, BBW/Rubenesque, Lawless
Rating: 5 Cups

West Gallo is a man who owns the streets and always gets what he wants. The only obsession in his life is the sweet virginal woman he wants to become his. He will do anything to make that happen.

Hannah Ray is finally out there in the world; one step closer to her dream of helping others. Then she meets him and is unable to understand why someone like him wants anything to do with her. Just when he begins to believe her whole world changes.

West worked tirelessly to ensure Hannah had a good life and that she would never discover his true identity. Hannah had no idea who she was dating until her world imploded and nothing will ever be the same again. Can she, like the phoenix, rebuild a life from the ashes left or forever be a broken woman?

The West Gallo character is expertly crafted into one of the best caricatures of a gangster. The writing of the story is so realistic it is easy to see this occurring in any major city or small town anywhere. The writing is superb and crafts a story of unimaginable love and respect from a man who had never had it to give before the one woman who is meant for him. I highly recommend the writing of Ms. Crescent and promise if you read Street King you will be hooked on her writing for life.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More.


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