Unfinished Business Series, Book 3
ISBN/AISN: 9781682914298/B073DJZLD3
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC
278 Pages
Paranormal, Romance, Ghosts
Rating: 4 Cups

Liz and Mike lead a full life, but they do not live it alone. Each holds within them a ghost from a past life. They were naive enough to believe the ghosts had been put to rest, but the past is coming back with a vengeance.

A storm is brewing, and it may be one of a supernatural catalyst event which will be a finale to Liz and Mike living with the ghosts from their pasts. While preparing for the storm Liz is dealing with the illness of a one close to them while still dealing with the echoes of the death of another from the same disease.

The lives of the living and dead are headed on a crash course which some just may not survive. Can Liz and Mike hang onto each other and their son, or will they lose themselves to the specters of the past?

The story of Liz and Mike is enthralling and slightly on the edgy side. The mystery of whether the ghosts or the living will win the battle keeps the reader turning the pages. The writing of Ms. Moleti allows the reader to fully visualize the setting both past and present. I will advise beginning with the first book of the series as I was confused in the beginning with the characters and his or her ghosts as well as understanding what happened in the past and how it affects the present. Despite the initial confusion once I was into the story I enjoyed the read. If you are looking for one scary and suspenseful read, then Storm Watch is for you.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Unfinished Business:
Book 1: Breakwater Beach
Book 2: The Widow’s Walk

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