ISBN# 9781640105911
September 2017
Siren Publishing
204 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Anis Warner is a college student studying the sciences. She is on track for finishing her degree and starting her career. She desperately wants to get into the SAS or Study Among the Stars program which would allow her to work with the aliens orbiting planet Earth and learn more about the universe. When she receives an acceptance letter, she thinks all her dreams are about to come true.

Dachar is a star ship commander who despairs of ever finding a woman to be his. When he sees Anis for the first time he knows he has to have her, but there is someone else who will do anything to keep Anise from entering SAS.

When Anis arrives at the Auditorium to accept her position for the program, one of her teachers gets her thrown out. Anis is heartbroken and mad when she realizes she is never going to get off Earth and out to the stars she was so looking forward to. However, Dachar has now seen her and declared that he wants her and moves heaven and earth to get her on board his ship. There is only one problem, Anis still thinks she is there to learn and be a part of the SAS program. When she finds out that she has been lied to and that she is there to essentially be a bride and brood mare for Dachar, she is less than enthused, and does everything she can think of to discourage Dachar, including sleeping in his closet. Even though she is very attracted to Dachar, Anis does not want to give up her independence or her career, and from what she has been hearing that is essentially what will be expected of her. Dachar eventually wears her down, and he begins to grow on her, but they are not out of the storm yet. They must survive attacks on Dachar’s ship, attempted murder, and a purist movement that is taking hold of Dachar’s home planet. Can Dachar and Anis overcome all these obstacles to their love, or will the purists win?

Star Brides: Procured by Ms. Manning is a well written alien abduction love story that I enjoyed reading very much. The world building is interesting and imaginative. The love scenes are highly sensual and erotic and I absolutely loved the “lidans” and no I will not tell you what that reference means, you will have to read the story to find out what they are! The scenes with the lidans totally cracked me up, that was a very fun part of the story! I really loved Anis’ spunk and unwillingness to just give in and let fate dictate what her life was going to be. Dachar, while the typical alpha male, still shows deep emotion and works hard to give Anis what she needs, at least as much as he can within his cultural confines. I loved how Dachar eventually completely convinces Anis she belongs with him, the build up to the finale was awesome!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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