ISBN: 978-0-3695-0067-0
October 2019
Evernight Publishing Inc. /
12,630 words
Contemporary, erotic, On-The-Go Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Sulking at a private gala he must attend, soccer star Julian spots the most gorgeous female he has ever seen. Determined to check her out, he follows her down a deserted hallway to find her using her phone. A master with pick-up lines and witty repartee, he turns on his famous charm at once only to find his quarry can give as good as she gets. The result is a five alarm fire of lust that carries them through the whole night.

Josephine has just arrived in San Diego and attends her first party with her agent and others. She has an advantage as she knows who Julian is. Still, being seen in his company could be disastrous for her career and future. Despite the risk she cannot resist the instantaneous heat that flares between them. An amazing wild night ensures.

What will happen when Julian finds who she is and then when the fact they are not strangers anymore is revealed? Turns out they both have skin in this game and must break all the rules just the right way if they can hope to win.

This is an infernally hot short tale that moves almost too fast for some readers to follow. Not every one night stand will last from dark to daybreak! You might read it on your commute if you do not embarrass easily. It is a quick, amusing read and will play well to those who like a lot of sex with a little story. If you want more meat on your literary bones, you may end up still hungry. It is all a matter of taste and choices. Though well done it is not this reader’s cup of tea.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More

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