ISBN 139791335723505
October 2022
Harlequin Romance
332 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups


Nate is a soldier and an honorable man with great understanding and depth of character. He is also a very kind lover and a very brave man who accepts sacrifice even though he does not want to do so. He is brave enough to love and go after what he wants in life, and that is not chasing after glory and fame, but listening to his heart and not what his titles dictate.

Elizabeth is a brave woman who wants to experience life and wishes to deny herself nothing her life owes her. However, she is also a frightened girl who has been emotionally wounded and denies herself any form of happiness – until she realizes that some sacrifices are made when you fight for them instead of running away.

This story captures the heart and talks of real problems in the old society which were taboo to talk about in the open and even cost lives. The characters Nate and Elizabeth are of great honor and kind hearts, which show an understanding which even in our days society lacks – and that is truly the sad part of the story. But the happily ever after of the two characters brings happiness to the reader, as it should.

I enjoyed reading this story as it had a lot of messages to give and the love it presented could have not been more unselfish and pure. I would read it again and again without any problems because the story is worthy of attention and above all it is a very clever written book that many would enjoy.

Christine Baely
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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