Texas Playmakers

  • Book 1: The Perfect Catch
  • Book 2: Game On
  • Book 3: Scoring Position

Texas Playmakers, Book 3
ISBN/ASIN: 978195186717/B084SQ2XMS
May 2020
Tule Publishing
220 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Emma has spent her life with a plan for everything, and there is no difference when she decides it is time to date and see if she will spend her life in a small town, or if she will need to move to find the man for her. All is well until she is on a date and her ex comes in and turns her world upside down.

Wes is hopeful the next season in baseball will make all his dreams come true. Well not all, because the one dream he lost was Emma, and when he finds out she is looking for a man, he is determined she will have no other despite the way she left him in the past.

Despite her plan, her first date went side-wise which was a good thing since the man was a jerk. She never thought Wes would offer her advice and throw his hat in the ring. Wes is upset that Emma dumped him because he was leaving town and is now willing to leave town to find a man. He is determined she will give him a second chance and then she could leave town with him, but will Emma give Wes a shot, or will the past prove too difficult to move past?

I love, love, love small town romance that brings people back to the beginning to possibly find the future they left behind. Wes is a family man with a big heart and Emma is the woman for him. The second chance romance is handled superbly and offers the reader the potential for true romance, if only the two are willing to work to be together. The writing is wonderful, the characters are intriguing and leave the reader wanting to explore the rest of the book in the series to see how the rocky road to love went for small town people looking for love to last a lifetime.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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