The Oceanstone Initiative

  • Book 1: Astraeus
  • Book 2: Retailiation

Book #2 in The Oceanstone Initiative Series
December 2019
Covey Publishing, LLC
209 pages
Sci-fi Romance/YA/Science Fiction
Rating: 4 cups

Dr. Sakota Thorell is the medical officer on the Sleipner science vessel along with Tatiana, Hisoka, and her alien lover Astraeus. The Sleipner was attacked by another alien race called the Oreck and everyone else aboard died except these four who managed to get away on an escape pod. They traveled through a wormhole and arrived at a planet called Chuleron Nine and planned to ask for help in making repairs to their pod and for the people remaining on a dying Earth. She was an orphan who was adopted by Dr. Alistair Mansfield and raised to believe in herself and her abilities.

Astraeus is an alien humanoid from a planet called Upsilon, and he is the last of his kind. He was rescued by the Sleipner after the rest of his race/planet was destroyed by the Oreck. He and Sakota have fallen in love and mated. They can speak mind to mind to each other and Astraeus has some other powers similar to telekinesis and other things not fully described.

Upon arriving on Chuleron Nine, the group is introduced to Zir-Ak, who appears to be a leader of the planet. He is of the Old Order and over a thousand years old thanks to the Genesis Flower. It cleans the air and can be made into an elixir that extends life. Sakota wishes she could have some of them to take back to Earth if for nothing else than to help clean the air which is even worse than now due to global warming and pollution. Zir-Ak is just demeaning enough to put Sakota on edge and keep her suspicious of his motives and actions.

I enjoyed this book, but not having read the first one was lacking in some information. I enjoyed it enough to not let that detract from the story. Sakota and Astraeus have an interesting dynamic that makes them characters I cared about. Zir-Ak is suspect from his first words, but almost all of the rest of the residents from Chuleron Nine are nice and helpful to the visitors.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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