Feb 2020
Evernight Publishing
Paperback, eBook
263 pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 cups

Skylar Donaghue is saying goodbye to her Mawmaw, at her grave, before she leaves the town she grew up in for a job in the city she does not remember. She does not remember her parents and where and when she lived with them, or before she and her brother lived with Mawmaw. She had spent so much time working to get her degree and was now ready to teach anthropology at the college level. A few days after settling in to her temporary housing, she went for a jog and is drawn to an older residential neighborhood and a house that at first glance looks welcoming and homey but somehow, while standing dazed in front of it, she sees the older evil underneath the surface.

Jack Langham is a widower with a young daughter named Avery. His wife died in an car accident and he is just starting to come out of the fog of misery he has been in since then. He keeps busy with his job and also teaches at the same college as Skylar, and his daughter and any and all excess energy he expels in vigorous workouts in his garage – turned home gym.

Jack and Skylar bump into each other on her first day at work, and again a few days later they run into each other at the park after Skylar is resting from a job and he is with his daughter Avery. Their next run in is at a bar after work with their respective co-workers. Neither really wants to be there and they end up leaving together and making a date for another time.  When Skylar is eventually invited to his house, she realizes it is the house she was drawn to when she first got to town. She is very unsettled when she goes in but ends up leaving and having a fever for the weekend. Sky’s brother back at home has discovered a letter from Mawmaw in a box he had been putting off opening that changes everything he thought he knew about his parents. Now he just has to tell Sky.

I really enjoyed this book. There is just enough of a slightly supernatural edge to be on the believable side and not too out there. The chemistry between Jack and Sky feels honest and convincing. If I had to ask for anything more it would be more of the Native American history and beliefs. I have always been fascinated by their cultures and there were bits in the book but more would have been better, for me at least. I understood how and why the book was titled Raven’s Glen, but would have enjoyed more of the raven’s role in Native American belief system.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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