Pariah Pack, Book 6
ISBN#: 9781640105362
September 2017
Siren Publishing
118 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sean Cameron is a rooster shifter who is pint sized compared to other shifters, but he has a personality that is huge, and that frequently gets him into trouble, including bar fights. A former millionaire with a harem of boy toys, Sean finds himself depending on the good nature of others when he loses everything and has to seek shelter with his best friend and the Pariah Pack.

Ty Atwater is the Delta wolf of the Pariah Pack, and an accountant. Ty would rather play with his numbers and live the quiet life than get involved with a lot of drama. Ty is shy and quiet and completely the opposite of Sean who is loud and brash, and lives up to every stereotype one can think of when it comes to roosters.

When Sean gets into one too many fights in an effort to shake off the idea of being the quiet accountant’s mate, his deep dark secret comes out, a secret that will put a target on his own back, as well as all the backs of all the shifters who are sheltering him. Will Ty convince him there is another way, and there is hope for a better life with him, or will Sean walk away, leaving his mate behind forever?

I enjoyed reading Quiet Wolf and His Rowdy Rooster by Ms. Laine. Like most of Ms. Laine’s books this one has a lot of action and antics. Sean is such a big personality that he almost takes over the entire book, but fortunately for us, the author brings in Ty to tone him down a bit. These two opposites are perfect for each other, but it is only when they both realize it that the sparks really start to fly! This is a fun look into another aspect of the Pariah Pack and I am happy to recommend readers back to this world. This is one book you do not want to miss!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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