Storybook Valley

• Book 1: Fooling Around With Cinderella
• Book 2: Prancing Around With Sleeping Beauty

Storybook Valley, Book 2
AISN#: B0781955XK
March 5, 2018
Thunder Horse Press
224 pages
Chick Lit, Romantic Comedy
Rating: 4 Cups

Rory Callahan, a dance instructor, is named after the ballet character of Sleeping Beauty and sleeps through life with a job and boyfriend she is content with. Even after learning his true feelings she is loath to dump him and reenter the dating scene. Even though she has a demanding boss and deals with crazy dance moms, she is afraid of taking the chance to start her own studio. One day a trip over a hedgehog’s cage has her meeting just the man to help wake her up. The problem–he is the grandson of her family’s arch-rival.

Kyle Thorne works for his family’s zoo, which is the rival of the amusement park owned by Rory’s family. The rivalry means nothing when compared to his increasing interest in Rory. One way he tries to get her attention is to enroll his god daughter into the princess class she teaches at her family’s park. He comes to the conclusion that she is sleeping through life and needs to dump her boyfriend and find a new job. But, does he have room to talk when he refuses to take a harder job at his family’s zoo and settle down?

Rory and Kyle throw off sparks the first time they meet, before they figure out who they are to each other. She is stuck where it is safe with a boyfriend she is used to and a job that she is familiar with—despite not being happy with either one. Kyle is appealing, but Rory is afraid of the havoc it may cause with their families. After meeting Kyle, Rory begins to question if she is happy in life, with her boyfriend and with her job. As Kyle says, “Sometimes you have got to rock the boat if you want to be happy with where it docks.”

This book was just so cute. This is the second book of a series, but it can be read on its own. The writing flowed nicely, the romance was sweet, and the characters were adorable and quirky. Rory and Kyle were made for each other and it was entertaining to read about them as they figured it out. One thing I liked was the rivalry between the zoo and amusement park—what is actually behind it all boggles the mind when it is revealed. If you are looking for a book to give you a quick pick-me-up with a sweet romance, humorous situations, and engaging characters this is the one you will want to read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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