ISBN #: 9780062430274
August 2018
William Morrow
468 Pages
Rating:  3 Cups

Andrea Oliver is in her thirties and a bit of a slacker. She lives above her mother’s garage, and has given up her dreams of a career in theater design to be a 911 dispatcher in her hometown on the coast of Georgia.

Laura Oliver is Andrea’s mother.  She is a well-respected speech pathologist in a retirement community and leads a quiet life.

Andrea has always thought that she knew all there was to know about her mother. A horrific incident in a Savannah mall shatters that image.  Laura Oliver is not the woman Andrea thought she knew and Laura’s past will endanger them both.

Other than the incident in the mall, the first part of the book moves a bit slowly, but once you get past that, the story becomes much more interesting.  I found Andrea to be a bit annoying and immature, and Laura’s stubborn secretiveness was unnecessary and dangerous. This is a complicated and compelling story, with imperfect characters and lots of action and suspense. Not the usual story for this author but worth reading.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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