ISBN: 9781771554435
November 2021
Champagne Book Group
314 Pages
Holiday Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Emily is having a bad day and it gets worse when she discovers she will be unable to go home for Christmas, but instead will be going to a foreign country and traveling home on Christmas Eve. Her work has become her life and she wants nothing more than to have time to write and have a life. When she meets Prince Alexander of Marisol, her life becomes even more complicated.

Alexander has loved and lost and when meeting Emily, he was not expecting such an intriguing woman. He finds he wants to spend time with her and he is snared in the beauty both body and soul of Emily, but she is going home soon and he is unsure if they can have a future.

Marisol has a saying attached to it, when you arrive you will find love and never want to leave. Emily thought it was silly, but there is something to the story because she never wants to leave. Alexander fears falling in love again, but the void Emily leaves when she goes home is more than he can stand. Can Alexander tell Emily how he feels and convince her that she belongs with him and the children back in Marisol and will she take a leap for love?

I enjoyed the articles Emily wrote for the dog show participants. The love between Emily, Alexander, the children, and canine companions was wonderful to read. If you love dogs and fairytale romance then Paws for Christmas is perfect for you.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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