December 5, 2018
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
214 pages
Contemporary Romance; Romantic Comedy
Rating: 2 Cups

Betsy Kincaid, recently dumped due to lack of sizzle according to her ex-boyfriend, drowns her sorrows in alcohol. The same day she is dumped, she drunkenly dials her BFF, Rob, to let him have it for introducing them, but his roommate picks up instead as their phones got switched. After a drunken confrontation she decides that Matt is just the man to teach her how to sizzle. The lessons show she has always had it, but her feelings for Matt head towards dangerous territory since he is gay and her BFF’s roommate/lover … or is he?

Matt Pollard is living with his cousin Rob, until the lease comes through for the place he wants—he fled a restrictive relationship and is not looking for a commitment. One night their phones get switched and he answers a call from a drunken/frantic Betsy and worries if she is OK. After he bugs Rob for her address, he goes to check on her, stays the night, and ends up her instructor in how to sizzle. He does not want commitment, but finds himself falling for Betsy who already has sizzle—she just needed to find it.

Betsy feels that something must be wrong with her since she was dumped for a woman who has more than her in all areas—mainly sizzle. After meeting Matt she believes that since he is gay it will be safe for her to open up to him and have him teach her what she is missing in and out of the bedroom. Her ultimate goal is to win her boyfriend back and show that she does in fact, have sizzle. But after weeks of instruction from Matt she might not even want him back. Then come to find out Matt is not who she thought he was….

This book had some okay points, but two big glaring issues kept me from enjoying it. The first being she slept with her BFF’s boyfriend like it was no biggie—because he was gay? How is sleeping with a gay guy safe—just because he is male does not mean he will sleep with anyone. Usually I would say whatever if all parties knew what was going on—no one knew except her. I did not find this a cute misunderstanding—just wrong on many levels. The other issue I had was the stalkerish way Matt behaved towards Betsy—it was not romantic it was creepy. On a whole this story had a lot of promise, parts were well done and written I was just not a fan of what/how it was all put together.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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