Texas BBQ Brothers:  Book 2
ISBN# 978-1-950510-99-3
Tule Publishing
252 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cole and his brother are now owners of the family BBQ House called The Hut. They are trying to come up with ideas on how to make the BBQ place a big success.  When one idea takes the younger brother, Cole over to the library. He meets Quinn, who works there and needs help.

Hutch, Cole, and Quinn knew each other growing up but she moved away and now has come back. Working at the Library has caused some issues. The city manager does not like the fact Quinn has the position, so anything she can be accused of happens. Cole helps her with the summer reading program.

Can Cole help save Quinn even more for her position? Can the BBQ business continue to thrive after the magazine cover? Will Quinn let Cole in? Can Cole keep things together?

The characters were likable and you find yourself wanting them all to succeed. The plot keeps the reader turning the pages. Who will do what when and how. I think the book should be read after book one as you will want to know a bit more, but otherwise a good read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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