ISBN# 978-0785222040
May 2020
Thomas Nelson


Hard copy (paperback, hardback, etc.)
336 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Alyssa Harrison is returning to her hometown of Winsome, Illinois in disgrace as far as she is concerned. She left three years earlier after her parents divorced because her mother had an affair. She had never had an easy relationship with her mother and for Alyssa this was the last straw and she found a job in California and moved away. Now the company she worked for is under investigation with the FBI and she has been told to expect a call to report for an interview. They approved of her move as she could be interviewed at an office in Chicago just as easily if they knew where she was.

Jeremy Miller recently moved to Winsome to be close to his daughter, Becca. He bought a favorite local coffee shop and renovated it, but since the grand opening sales are not what he hoped for. He is afraid he made too many changes and the locals are letting him know. Not only are sales less than satisfactory, but then his ex-wife Krista tells him she got a job offer in North Carolina.

Alyssa has the normal feeling of thinking she had to escape from the small hometown to be something. Coming back as an adult and reconnecting with her best friend Lexie makes her take a second look with fresh eyes. She still resists because of her relationship with her mother, but she can also tell her mother has changed. Alyssa ends up helping Jeremy with reviewing his financials to see if she can see any trends she can recommend for improvement. They connect immediately and find each other extremely easy to talk to. She also helps him with ideas for more connections with the community.

I delighted in the small town, everybody knows everybody and their business environment the author weaved into Alyssa and Jeremy’s stories. This is a real appreciate what you have got story. Alyssa quits trying to run away and Jeremy decides he is going to fight for what he wants. He wants to be Becca’s dad and know she understands that because he is in her life. He wants to have a successful business in this small town. Together they weave their wants and lives into the foundations of the already strong community.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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