Piney Woods Mystery, Book 1
January 15, 2018
ISBN#(s): 1603816356/9781603816359
Camel Press
Cozy Mystery
256 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Nora Alexander arrives in Piney Woods Texas to fulfill her mother’s dying wish to deliver a letter. Delivering it sets off a chain of unforeseen events—one being her accused of murder. It turns out the letter contains harsh words for the town’s favorite citizen, Adam Brockwell. Things look up when she meets two handsome men, one the flirty town sheriff, Tuck Watson, the other Corey, Adam’s son. But, not so much after Adam is found murdered and she is named the prime suspect.

Despite the sheriff’s insistence Nora not leave town and the fact that no one believes her denials, she is determined to clear her name. While looking for the person with a reason to kill Adam Brockwell, she finds that there are a few people who could fit that bill. Each time Nora thinks she found the culprit she clears them of guilt and finds one more shocking secret from Brockwell’s past. The more secrets she finds the more she finds that the town’s beloved citizen was not so beloved by everyone.

Thanks to Tuck’s aunt Marty she has a job working to help restore the Tunie Hotel, which was the town’s heart back in the day, all the while she searches for the real killer. In her search she finds out more about her mother’s past, relatives she never knew, and more shocking secrets hidden in the town’s history. Unexpected paternity tests, shocking revelations, and wild accusations abound. Meanwhile she is hard pressed to find the real killer before they find her and silence her forever.

This story has a great vibe to it and fits the cozy mystery category perfectly. It starts off with a doozie of a murder to solve, but as Nora investigates juicier small-town secrets come to light making it much more than just that. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the twists in the story, some I did not even see coming. All of the characters were well-developed and each added their own touch to the story. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good cozy mystery.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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