Mountain Blaze by Debby GrahlMOUNTAIN BLAZE
ISBN# 9781509232482
November 2020
The Wild Rose Press
EBook, Hard Copy (paperback, hardback, etc)
$17.99/$4.99 Kindle
308 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating:  4 cups

Diana Thompson is engaged to a man she does not want to marry. She does not know what is wrong with her, but there must be something. For all appearances, she is on the verge of having the perfect life; a good-looking successful fiancé who her parents approve of and the job she spent so many years studying for to get her degree to teach. She cares for Trent, and he treats her good, but she is not in love with him. When her best friend Jennifer invites her to the family ranch for the Thanksgiving Holiday, she decides to take her up on it with the intention of thinking everything out and deciding about her future.

Dillon McCoy is Jennifer’s cousin and has recently returned to the ranch to recover from finding out his wife was cheating, and move forward with a divorce. He has a successful career as a rodeo cowboy with lots of wins and not many injuries, and has to decide on his next moves in that regard as well before he does get injured. After the rest of the family arrives, the grandparents announce they want to retire and travel and would like Dillion to take over the ranch. He realizes he is the best option as no one else wants to live there full-time or deal with the rentals they must upkeep and manage. He does not want them to sell the property, so he agrees to take over.

When Diana and Dillon meet there are immediate sparks of attraction. She realizes if she can be this attracted to Dillon, she cannot marry Trent whether she acts on the attraction or not; it is what makes her finalize that decision. She tries not to act on it until she can break it off with Trent, but Dillon has other ideas. As for Dillon, he is technically still married, and he knows she is engaged, but he feels like a moth to a flame and cannot resist her. As they explore their attraction, and he starts to at least mentally plan for taking over the property, they also must deal with unknown threats. While on a trail ride, someone takes a shot at Dillon, and although they miss, it gets his attention.

I enjoyed this book quite a lot. Dillon and Diana have immediate sparks and even though they both realize this should be something they hold off on acting on because she is engaged, and he is technically still married, they cannot resist. She seems to be a very naïve or maybe sheltered woman in terms of previous experience, especially when she described sex with her fiancé as ‘ok’, but does not let that hold her back in taking everything Dillon has to offer.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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