ISBN #9781795820882
March 6, 2019
Self published on Amazon
Digital, paperback
184 pages
Psychological Thriller, Erotica
Rating: 3 cups

Queen, which is what the narrator calls herself, is a ruthless businesswoman and half of a power couple. She has a tremendous sex drive and a craving for the unusual, sometimes as the dominant and other times as the submissive partner in the action.

Michael James is an ultra rich and internationally known man of business.  He is smooth, suave and at times almost soulless in his pursuit of power, prestige and still more of everything he already has. His wife is much more than arm candy, although she is agelessly beautiful. She is also sexy and as fierce as he is. In many ways she drives him to be just who and what he is, while he does the same for her. Can there ever be a ‘winner’ in this often brutal contest?

Together and individually they play out elaborate rituals of power and gamesmanship, at times as equals, at times as lovers and always as rivals; enemies and with an apparent savage near-hatred driving their interactions. Queen and Michael are not the couple next door in any way.

I did not care for Fifty Shades of Gray and I do not care for this book although it is much better written in almost every respect. It is so intense that a chapter or two per read is about all many readers could probably handle. Not for the faint of heart and certainly not for anyone below NC-17 eligibility, it needs a cover with a blaze-red warning label saying things like “Too hot to handle”, “Do not try this at home,” and “Do not read this book in public.”  If you liked Fifty Shades of Gray, enjoy frequent, violent or even forced sex on almost every page, grab this one at once. If you do not, perhaps you should look to the many much milder erotic romances out there instead.

Gaye Morgan-Walton “AZGaye”
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More

Warning: Contains BDSM, implied assault as well as overt violence and frequent extremely graphic and extensive sex scenes throughout the narrative.

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