Technicolor Love Series

  • Book 1: Enigma
  • Book 2: Ablaze
  • Book 3: Mesmerized

October 2020
67 pages
Paranormal Romance/Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 cups

We meet Madison Lee after her boyfriend Gabriel Delacroix has disappeared without a trace while visiting his family in Paris. She hired a private detective after the police uncovered no clues as to what happened. She tries to stay positive and hopeful in front of her recently married best friend Mia, but other than that spends too much time thinking about him and their time together and wishing for him to come back safely. The only other thing she spends time doing is reading her favorite genre of paranormal romance books.

Gabriel is a teacher at the local elementary school. He met Madison at a Barnes & Noble where a paranormal literature book club meeting was being held. They started talking about their favorites and things progressed from there. He had gone to college in Hawaii and grew to love the islands and decided to stay.

Madison and Gabriel met in what can only be called a cute meet; at a bookstore having a book club meeting for their favorite type of books. The bond between readers is different than other types of bonds and add attraction on to that and this is what you get. He progressively woos her, but there is no rushing to sleep together, they get to know each other slowly and progress from there. He takes a trip home to France and disappears, and Madison feels like her dream come true is dead. She comes home one day to find him lying on her bed and what he tells her happened to him is unbelievable – even if it is her favorite type of story. But he has some rather convincing evidence.

I enjoyed this little glimpse into Madison and Gabe’s story.  As an avid reader myself, I love that the author went in this direction. There are myths and legends and everyone thinks they know what is real and what is not. I just really wish there was more. The steamy parts were really good but sixty-seven pages is not nearly enough.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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