April 2023
Satin Romance
242 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Max is a failed service dog. The result of an accidental litter, he was slated to be a service dog like his mother, but his independent spirit caused him to flunk out of the program.

Nate is the proprietor of the Two Turtles Inn on Sanibel Island. He is friendly with Max’s owners and they determined that he is the perfect person for Max.

Max is a failed service dog that has found his calling at the Two Turtles Inn. He mends broken hearts and encourages his new friends to try falling in love again, with the people he has picked out for them of course.

This is a very cute story told from the viewpoint of the dog Max. In keeping with the dog’s supposed mentality, the dialogue from his part can be a little simplistic, but he is a dog. I really enjoyed how he connects with the various guests and his person, Nate. The setting is beautifully described and the story is quite engaging and sweet. I am a huge dog lover and am always looking for great stories featuring canines, and have found one here. This book and its setting make it a great holiday and beach read, definitely check it out.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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