The Gifted Series

  • Book 1: Magic in Her Eyes
  • Book 2: Magic in Her Touch

The Gifted, Book 2
Donna Dalton
ISBN: 9781509222957
November 2019
The Wild Rose Press
216 Pages
Historical, Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Moira is a woman in a time where women were expected to stay home. Folks in her little town Mineral do not trust her herbal cures but they are slowly coming around. Moira is a true healer with a power to heal like no other.

Anson is what he considers a true healer to be. A herbalist with their hoodoo ways killed his wife and he does not trust them. When he meets Moira he wants to hate all that she stands for, but the people of the town trust her.

When it first appears Moira is poisoning the town, Anson is torn between his feelings and reality. Once he and Moira discover there is someone else to blame, will they figure out who before it is too late?

I love the idea that progress is challenged by tried and true methods with a dash of something more. The characters are well rounded and come alive to the reader. The reality of the danger for a woman and even more so for one with special talents during a time when women were expected to act a certain way. Anson and Moira had alot of learn and the reader is allowed to go along for the journey. Magic in Her Touch is a good read full of interesting characters and adventure.

Reviewer for Coffeetime Romance & More

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