The Cougar Shifter Series

  • Book 1:  Loving Boone
  • Book 2: Claiming Cody

Book #1 in the Cougar Shifter Series
January 2020
Tricia Schneider
215 Pages
Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Beth-Ann receives a strange phone call telling her to come home, back to a past full of sad memories and a time that changed her forever. When she arrives, she finds death and destruction with her father beating the man she loves. What is happening in her world?

Boone is seeking information on the disappearance of his people when he is attacked by a man his people once trusted. Now Beth-Ann is back and it destroys him to know her people are snatching his.

Nothing is what it seems, and if Beth-Ann and Boone do not figure out what is going on neither of their people will survive. A betrayal no one saw coming leads them to the truth; one neither could have ever seen coming.

The suspense in every page leaves the reader trying to figure it all out. I was almost to the very end before I caught on and knew for sure who was behind the betrayal. The characters are fleshed out and the reader is able to dive right into their world. I enjoyed the talented writing of Ms. Schneider.

Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance & More

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