October 2015
The Wild Rose Press
eBook, Hard Copy (paperback, hardback, etc.)
334 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Logan Shaw is hiding at his friend Eric’s Lake Tahoe vacation home. He is a famous photographer with Rolling Stone magazine but after a recent incident with what could only be considered a stalker, he has taken a leave of absence from his job to reevaluate his life choices and future. Eric called to warn him that another of his friends, Candace Riley, needs to use his Lake Tahoe house too, and is on her way, and oh, by the way, leave her alone. Eric makes Logan promise not to even try to sleep with her. When she arrives, he realizes she thinks he and Eric are lovers, and since he promised Eric he would leave her alone he lets her continue to believe it. It may be the only way he can keep his promise.

Candace Riley escaped to Lake Tahoe for a couple of reasons. First, she caught her fiancé, Roger, in bed with another woman in her house, in her bed. Second, she needs to finish her latest novel and then she can think about her next steps in terms of what she wants for herself. In her mind, it is a shame that Logan is gay. He is model gorgeous; he can cook and seems highly intelligent and interesting. She must constantly remind herself he is Eric’s. How in the world can she have a crush on her best friend’s guy?

Logan makes himself leave when he promised Eric he would and goes to his parents in San Francisco to visit and help them clean out their attic. A couple of days later he realizes Tahoe is in the middle of a terrible storm with power outages and remembers this is Candace’s biggest fear stemming from when her father was struck by lightning in her childhood, he decides to go back to check on her. His car ends up sliding off the road in a bad place and he finally gets through to Candace and she overcomes her fear of the storm and comes to rescue him. When they get back to the house, he cannot keep letting her think he is gay. They soon must deal not only with her ex but also a dangerous person from his past.

I picked this book along with another by the same author to read and review because I wanted to see if she could write different genres well. The other book was a historical romance (which she adorably made into the book Candace was writing in this book) and this book is contemporary romance. I know the differences between the genres are not dramatic, but they are there. Ms. Keyes did a wonderful job with both books.  If I’m forced to pick between the two, I would pick this one. I really enjoyed everything from her thinking he was gay, to him letting her think it and the fact that he never committed to her always committing. I highly recommend Logan and Candace’s story!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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