Twice Bitten Series

  • Book 1:  Life Sucks After You Die

Twice Bitten, Book 1
20 May 2018
Crystal-Rain Love
262 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups
Danni Keller, a human, after a bad day at work ends up at a bar planning to drink away her troubles, but ends up getting much more than she imagined. An incubus, Ryan, bites her, a vampire, Rider, saves her, and in order to save her from the incubus she is turned into a vampire. Somehow she is having trouble believing she is now one and that the paranormal exist. All she wanted was the attention of her hot and rich boss, Dexter, but a vampire is trying to convince her she is also one while he protects her from the incubus that bit her.

Rider Knight, master vampire, is known for never hurting women and rescuing people in need. He knows Danni is prime prey to incubi; hopes to save her from becoming a sex slave, but events cause him to turn her in order to keep her from being changed into one. She is his first turn and he is spending a lot of time and effort to protect her from Ryan even risking dissention from the vampire under him to do so. It seems that he shares a dark secret and past with this incubus, one that may push Danni away if she finds out.

Danni wants a normal life working at an advertising company and to marry a rich man to gain her family’s approval, but one fateful night changes that. Now a vampire she has an incubus after her and a vampire with aim to protect her. Her new important client turns out to be the incubus that bit her, Dex asks her out, and Rider starts showing interest in more than protecting her. She has to choose one, but refuses to be slave to any man. Which will she choose? With each she could become full vampire, a succubus, or the wife of a man worthy of her shallow family.

This book gives me mixed feelings, it was humorous and entertaining in many places, but Danni was a hard character to like. Her inner monologue is almost painful to read as she has many issues with her self-esteem, which you see why when you meet her family; she is ungrateful and crazy stubborn about believing the paranormal exists. I like Rider, but question his sanity when it comes to his patience with her. I felt the backstory between him and the incubus added a nice twist. I hope the next book has Danni gaining more self-esteem and becoming more likable along with her family slowly dying in a fire.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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