Knights of Destiny

  • Book 1: Duke of Madness
  • Book 2: Baron of Rake Street
  • Book 3: Marquess of Magic
  • Book 4: Earl of Deception
  • Book 5: Knight of Destiny
  • Book 6: Captain of Second Chances

Knights of Destiny #2
November 2022
Wolf Publishing
270 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Aaron is a man of arrogance and selfishness; he shares thoughts of men of his time and station yet when he opens his heart to love, he grows into a man of wonder and justice. He is a proud man with great kindness for the fairer sex and his looks are what every woman would dream a man to be: handsome, polite, a rogue and romantic.

Louisa is a very young woman who has been hurt in her life, but can also love and be kind and sweet – even though she can also be stubborn and spiteful. She uses her looks to get her own way which causes her many mishaps within her life; however, she is brave and honest with her emotions.

The story is very well written, the love builds slowly and steadily amongst the couple and everything goes smoothly with their relationship except the dramas both characters create for each other, but the love they build is one of honesty, courage, and truth.

The book was a pleasant read worth holding my interest throughout the story and I enjoyed every tiny moment. I watched the characters evolve into their great love affair and became the mature couple which ended up together at the end.

Christine Baely
Reviewer Coffee Time Romance & More

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