Crown of Shards

  • Book 1:  Kill the Queen

Crown of Shards, Book 1
ISBN #: 978006279762
October 2018
Harper Voyager
Trade Paperback
443 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Everleigh Saffira Winter Blair has a grand name and title, but is little more than an upper servant in her cousin the Queen’s household. Orphaned as a small child, she has little magic and is called a “mutt”.

Lucas Sullivan is one of the stars of the gladiator troupe, but he is much more than just an entertainer.

The Kingdom of Bellona is a realm of magic. Though part of the royal family, her lack of power relegates Evie to be overlooked and forgotten.  When her cousin Vasilia murders her mother the queen and most of the royal family, only Evie’s immunity to magic saves her.  Evie goes into hiding with a gladiator troupe and trains relentlessly for her future role, Queen of Bellona.

This is an intricately well written fantasy novel.  The author has incredible world building skills and Bellona literally comes to life on these pages.  I really enjoyed reading about how Evie, the lowest ranking member of the royal family, worked to overcome her weaknesses and developed her strengths to challenge her bloodthirsty cousin.  I will definitely continue to follow this series.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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