Warrior of Her Series

  • Book 1:  Fight for You
  • Book 2:  Kill for You

Book #2 in the Warrior for Her Series
March 2020
Published Independently
Publisher Website: Unavailable
eBook, Paper/Hardback
304 pages
Contemporary Romance/Crime Fiction
Rating: 4 cups

Faith Donovan is basically a slave to the “gang” called Los Zetas after her mother and stepfather stole over $300,000 from them. She is so used to the violence and bad behavior, she practically freezes when the bar she works in is fired upon by another gang. Tiny, the bartender pulls her down and protects her until the gunfire ends. Afterwards, once police and ambulances arrive she meets Detective Octavio Hernandez and agrees to help him identify the dead and wounded members of the gang.

Octavio Hernandez is a detective who mainly works Robbery and Homicide. He responds to the shooting at the bar and asks Faith to help him figure out who the wounded and dead are and, after she is threatened by one of the Zetas as being a snitch, puts her in protective custody. He wants to find out as much as he can from her about the people working in the gang so he can bring them down.

Faith, as a rule, does not trust people. Her mother left her and before that she abused her. Her father is dead. The gang keeps her hostage and makes her work at the bar with no pay. So far she has not been used for sex, but is afraid it is just a matter of time. But for some reason she trusts Octavio as he makes her feel safe.  Octavio wants to free her, protect her, take care of her and kill anyone who hurts her. Faith and Octavio have to work together to deal with all the issues that arise as he tries to bring down the gang that kept her hostage. He feels like there is more to the story as to why they have kept her and not prostituted her out or traded or killed her. They begin to have feelings for each other and he tries to fight it so she will not think he is using her, but when he pulls back she thinks he does not want her.

I enjoyed this book because the relationship that builds between Faith and Octavio is not lightning fast. It is more like a slow burn. She is very innocent in the ways of relationships and watching her navigate through all the feelings at a slower pace makes sense to me. They learn to communicate with each other in all the right ways, and even though they get steamy, it is not just wham bam thank you ma’am.

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