Traveling Cook Mystery Series

Book 1: Birthdays Can Be Murder
Book 2: A Fatal Fall of Snow
Book 3: Dying for a Cruise
Book 4: An Invisible Murder
Book 5: Deadly Stuff
Book 6: Just Not Cricket

Traveling Cook Mystery #6
ISBN #: 978-0-373-28436-8
December 2017
Worldwide Mystery
Mass Market Paperback
251 Pages
Cozy Mystery
Rating: 3 Cups


Jenny Starling is a travelling cook, better known as a caterer in the US. She enjoys her work, and likes nothing better than to see people enjoying her food.

Tristan Jones is a handsome ladies’ man, good with seduction, but not as good in his job as a financial planner in his father’s firm. He has many people who wish him ill; cuckolded husbands, destitute investors, discarded lovers, and ambitious coworkers.

Jenny Starling is hired to cater the annual cricket match between two neighboring villages. She quickly finds that there is much more drama to be found off the pitch than on it, and that is before the first murder victim is found.

I enjoy a good British mystery, but I know nothing about cricket. This put me at an extreme disadvantage for much of the beginning of the story. I was completely confused by the terminology related to the game. American readers will have a difficult time getting into the story. The characters are vivid and well-drawn, and the mystery is intricate and difficult to solve. It is too bad that the cricket references did not come with a glossary for those of us who do not follow the game.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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