ISBN: 9780995592704
MAY 2017
Amazon Kindle
396 Pages
Romantic Comedy
Rating: 5 Cups

Jennifer is many things; klutz, bimboish, horrible typist and the list goes on. She tries her best, but unfortunately even working as a secretary requires typing skills she does not possess. Her life begins to really change when her man Pete leaves her for another woman who happens to be skinnier.

Jennifer spends time grieving for a man who she thought was the one, but then she started to see the possibilities in the world and starts living. The job she settled for is getting stale and she is tired of the stereotyping so she takes a job she never thought to do, and the journey begins.

Jennifer’s determination to change her life leads to an adventure in finding a new place to live, find the job she is truly meant to do, and make decisions which make her happy.

Jennifer Brown’s Journey is a wonderful story which shows if you live life for today and do what you want you achieve success and happiness. The beginning of the book is misleading, but if you feel the same hang on because once the fun begins you will realize it was all worth reading. I found the writing of Ms. Langley and every character she creates adds another dimension to the book.  It was a fun wild ride which is the opening salvo to a series which promises to be on the top of my list to revisit whenever I need an emotional pick me up.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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