ISBN: 9781682523230
July 2017
Loose ID
188 Pages
Science Fiction & Space Opera
Rating: 5 Cups

Nadia Green is a botanist who has been sentenced to death and sent to Tolbos, a penal planet where the convicts are run by warlords and where the citizens who can handle it mine the kaptum needed by the worlds that sent them there. She knows the chances of becoming anything other than a sex slave are slim, but she is still going to try.

Ivar is a warlord who actually has some ethics, but he is still a warlord. He buys Nadia for what she assumes is to be his bed slave.

When Ivar gives Nadia the option to sleep in his bed or work her way up from the bottom of the social totem pole by searching through the trash left behind by the society that put them there, she chooses to start at the bottom picking up trash. Unfortunately, picking up trash is more difficult than Nadia realizes, especially when a lot of it is toxic, and it is easy to fall through the mountains and mountains of trash and either disappear or die. When she is injured, Ivar makes sure she is healed, and Nadia begins to see how some of her fellow convicts are able to work with and safely use the kaptum. While Nadia has hope that she too will be one of the ones who can safely use and mine the kaptum, she is not given a chance to interact with it much initially. When Ivar shows Nadia that he and his people have figured out a way to grow some food on Tolbos, a planet that as far as was known was incapable of supporting life, Nadia becomes very excited. When she tells Ivar she is a botanist and how much she wants to learn more, the unthinkable happens because Ivar thinks she is a spy put there to by the Council. It is then that Nadia finds out what kaptum really is and if she can possibly work with it. But now terrified of what will happen to her, Nadia finds a way to escape, and she almost makes it. Will Ivar do the unthinkable and the unforgiveable before Nadia can convince him she is not a spy for the Council?

Wow! What an awesome science fiction romance, I LOVED it! The world building and descriptions of Tolbos and the characters that live there are so well written you feel like you are experiencing it all with Nadia. I loved finding out all of Tolbos’ secrets as I read the story, and Nadia and Ivar’s as well. This book keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end, and there is no way to figure out what is going to happen until you have read the final page. The love scenes are emotional and deep when they happen and I loved how well Ivar and Nadia meshed. I am hoping there will be a sequel, because I would love to see the good people on Tolbos get a chance to really get back at the society that dropped them there. If you love science fiction romance you definitely do not want to miss Ivar’s Prize, it is a keeper!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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