Keeping up with the Cavendishes Series

  • Book 1: Lady Bridget’s Diary
  • Book 2: Chasing Lady Amelia
  • Book 3: Lady Claire is All That
  • Book 4: It’s Hard Out There for a Duke

Keeping Up With the Cavendishes, Book 4
ISBN #: 9780062386816/9780062386793
November 2017
Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback/E Book
369 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Meredith Green is a companion to the Dowager Duchess of Durham. She is grateful for her job and the education the Duchess has provided, but she does not fit in anywhere. She is too genteel for her home village or the other servants, and too common for the aristocracy.

James Cavendish is the new Duke of Durham. Born in America, he had no idea that he was the heir to the Dukedom and is not sure that he wants the job.

Overwhelmed by her mother’s illness and the bleak prospect of her future, Meredith wants one chance to be wild and free. She meets a handsome man in the pub of the inn at which she is staying and has her one wild night. She is horrified to meet him again, in her employer’s drawing room. Worse yet, the duchess wants her to help him fit in with the Ton.

I really enjoyed this story of a nobleman born a commoner, and a commoner, reared as a lady. Meredith is in a difficult place even before she meets James. A lady’s companion must remain above reproach and usually has little to look forward to but a future in the service of her lady. Meredith has been taught all of a lady’s accomplishments by the duchess, who is very proper, but there seems little purpose until the new duke and his sisters arrive. James does not want to be a duke, but is very conscious of his responsibilities. Marrying a companion will hurt his sisters’ prospects, and he does not see a way to make everyone happy. The author resolves the situation with some unique plot twists. I could not put this book down and recommend it to fans of historical romance and romance in general.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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