Devil’s Boneyard

  • Book 1: Jackal
  • Book 2: Scratch
  • Book 3: Havoc
  • Book 6: Cinder

Devil’s Boneyard, Book 4
ASIN: 00879402843/B07P43YBKS
March 2019
Changeling Press, LLC
128 Pages
Contemporary MC, Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups


Janessa suffered through an unimaginable horror when she was young and the only person who saved her was her mom, and then her dad. Once she was free, she saw the man she would marry but she was far too young. Now she is all grown up and ready to get her man, but she did not count on finding another woman in his arms.

Seamus, a.k.a., Irish, fell for Janessa from the moment he met her and felt shame because she was a young lady – far too young and innocent despite the horrors she had faced. He leaves and stays away until the day she shows up and he makes a mistake that hurts her.

Janessa ran, heart broken, straight into the arms of danger and near death. Irish is already crushed by the idea she would never be his, but he could never live in this world without knowing she was in it somewhere. When death is a real possibility, Irish decides Janessa would be his no matter what, but will Janessa agree? When danger lurks in the background will Irish stand up, and if he does, will Janessa allow him to stand for her?

Ms. Wylde writes an amazing story. She provides the reader characters worth investing in because every story is better than the last. I have read every book in the series and highly recommend them all because Janessa and Irish are one in a long chain of biker love and possession. Irish was worth the wait because the author superbly told the story of their love and hinted at the past enough to allow the reader to read this love story as a stand alone, but beware, it is like a fine chocolate – once you have had one bite it will never be enough. The Devil’s Boneyard and the Dixie Reapers MC Series are my number one go to book series and I read them over and over until the next one comes out. If you like the MC life without all the cheating then give Irish a try I promise you will never be disappointed.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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