Hot Scots

  • Book 1: Dangerous in a Kilt
  • Book 2: Wicked in a Kilt
  • Book 3: Scandalous in a Kilt
  • Book 4: Gift Wrapped in a Kilt
  • Book 5: Notorious in a Kilt
  • Book 6: Insatiable in a Kilt

Hot Scots: Book 6
ISBN#: 9781949406146
August 2019
Jacobsville Books
E Book
274 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Keely O’Shea is 40 and a survivor of two bad marriages and one equally bad long term relationship. She is the assistant manager of an electronics store in Utah.

Evan MacTaggart is the 29 year old billionaire owner of a major security and spy gadget manufacturing company. He has never had a serious relationship.

After a torrid encounter in Paris, Keely never expects to see the mysterious Scotsman again. Her boss sends her to Scotland to meet with Evan MacTaggart about a distribution deal with her store, and she is shocked to find that the man she shagged in a Parisian alley seated behind the CEO’s desk. Evan wants more than one encounter and Keely is worried about their age difference, so it is up to him to convince her to give him a chance.

This is a very entertaining novel. I liked the characters and Evan’s determination to change Keely’s mind. Keely is a complex character who has had little experience in lasting relationships, both her own and her parents ended in divorce. Evan has issues of his own. He grew up not knowing who is father was, and was ridiculed for this. I enjoyed reading about how he overcomes her objections and insecurities. The only part I had a problem with was the subplot of the blackmail demands. I found it hard to believe that someone with his skills could be victimized in this manner, but it did add to the excitement at the climax of the story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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