ISBN: 9780807058541
January 30, 2018
Beacon Press
258 Pages
Nonfiction, Social Sciences, Marriage and Family
Rating: 5 Cups

Ben Matlin along with his wife ML provide an examination of the love between interabled coupled who live life to the fullest and fight to stay together. Ben is a man who happens to have a disability who believes there are others who can find strength in the idea love is possible between disabled and able individuals.

Ben brings together couples where one partner is abled and the other is disabled in some way. From a young man beginning to explore his sexuality despite his disability, to the Gulf War Veteran who continues to fight the world everyday but few believe he is disabled because it is one you cannot see. The interviews provide a view of the impact disabilities can have on a couples lives and gives the reader insight into how love can endure.

Each relationship brings the reader to a clearer understanding of true love; the struggle realities of interabled couples. The stories have a lot to teach readers who think they know what true love is and offers a reader insight into the feelings of individuals living with disabilities.

I love to expand my horizons by reading books from different genres. I must say this is the first book I went into reading for understanding and instead found a new point of view through the lives of fascinating people. Mr. Mattlin tackles a subject some would find difficult but asks the questions which provide the biggest impact on the readers. I love how the romance of interabled couples is discussed and the emphasis on how both parties in the relationship choose to stay and no one considers themselves heroes. If you are a romantic at heart then read about Ben and ML, Felicia and Juan, War Veteran Jared and wife Alisha, and the many other couples who have their own story to tell. I highly recommend the writing of Mr. Mattlin not only because it explores true romance and love, but also because the voices of the individuals can teach the world to stop looking at people and pitying them because they are different.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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