Paladin Romance Series, Book 1
April 2020
180 Pages
Romance, Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Hana was leading a normal life or as normal as one can when they work for the Enhanced Human Agency (EHA) which does not exist anywhere but resides on a military base. She is the medic for superheroes, a.k.a paladins, with enhanced capabilities.  When one breaks into her house and assassins try to kill them both she knows the agency has gone bad. Hana has a secret which someone knows and when the spotlight turns to her, Bashir and his friends are the only ones she can rely on.

Bashir knows there is a mole in the agency, and they were using him as an experiment, but now they want to kill him. He spent his life in government facilities with scientist testing him over and over  trying to replicate who he is. Now, a mole in the agency is determined to make a super army out of the paladins by implanting their powers in others.

Hana and Bashir are on the run and turn to a friend for assistance, but when they get to their destination there may be more danger than they left behind. Hana refuses to date paladins due to the one who hurt her, but Bashir makes her want to change her ways. Bashir has deep feelings for Hana and he trusts her above all others. When one he once trusted proves to be bad, and one that hurt him in the past becomes the one who saves him and Hana, Bashir is not at all sure he could ever convince Hana to give him a chance at a future together.

I was not sure if I would like a superhero story but I found the book entertaining and the characters very interesting. Bashir and Hana are so cute together and I look forward to them in future books as well as all the characters we met in the series. I enjoy the writing and the detail the writer put into the settings the story takes place in, especially Japan. Ms. Rogue offers a suspenseful story with just a touch of romance for those who wonder what it would be like to date a superhero.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Paladin Romance
Book 2: Superheroes Don’t Fall in Love

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