5 Prince Publishing
Student/Professor Romance
January 11, 2022
200 Pages
Rating:  5 Cups

Juliet is a mature woman with a mind full of great doubts and many romantic notions of how life should be or a relationship. She is somewhat naïve even though well educated but eventually she is a brave woman who excepts her emotions and goes after what she truly wants.

This story is amusing packed with humor and a lovely dialogue between the two characters. The romance build up is fabulous and intriguing and made me enjoy the story every page as I kept reading it. I loved the toying between the two characters and the word play they had between them it simply build the magic of the story.

This book is worth the five cups because it had depth and values and emotional set backs which made the characters more real and the love more enjoyable as it build between them. I most certainly liked it enough to want to read again and again simply to have another taste of this pleasant game between two gorgeous adults. I suggest to anyone to read it they will most surely relax and laugh and love it.

Christine Baely
Reviewer Coffee time romance & More

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