ISBN# 978-1-926681-60-3
April 2020
Champagne Book Group
255 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Blaine McKinnon is a die-hard single man who loves women, all women, any size, shape, age, etc. He has women everywhere he goes. This time he gets caught with a recently married woman and his brother and laird, Calen, gives him the order to marry because he knows marriage is one vow Blaine will not break. Blaine does not want to get married; he is not ready to be tied down to just one woman.

Jocelyn MacAulay has a small bakery and sells goods in town, trying to save up to buy back land she and her brother lost after their parents died. On the way home after selling in town she and her brother, Braedan are robbed and attacked. Jocelyn is about to also be raped but someone saves her. When she realizes her savior is the womanizing McKinnon brother, she tries to keep her distance and keep her hormones in check.

While Blaine and Jocelyn get to know each other, he comes up with an idea of her pretending to be his betrothed long enough to get his brother and the King off his back, and in exchange he will introduce her brother at court and help find a wealthy bride for Braeden and help the MacAulay’s regain their land from a conniving neighbor. Jocelyn agrees to his plan for her brother’s sake. If he can marry well, he can restore their home and pay off debts their father left them. Blaine also hopes to convince her to become his mistress after they break off the fake betrothal.

I enjoyed this book because I love all things Scotland. I did get a bit confused at how both Calen, the eldest McKinnon is the laird, but Blaine is also referred to as a laird. From everything else I have ever read each family only has one laird, but it was not a big enough problem for me not to love the book. There was romance, humor and a little mystery as well as to the MacAulay finances.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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