Alien Captors

  • Book 1: Precious Cargo
  • Book 2:  Hidden Cargo

Alien Captors, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781773398099
October 2018
Evernight Publishing
123 Pages
Menage, Gay, Erotic, Sci-Fi
Rating: 5 Cups

Cassie Decker has no idea when she stops along the side of the road that the two people she is trying to help catch some puppies are in fact aliens. When they kidnap her and take her off world her life changes forever.

Deryc and Gage are police officers living on the island of Ilya on a planet in another star system far from Earth. In fact, it just happens to be on the planet that Cassie finds herself on.

When Cassie’s captors fold her up like so much linen and stuff her unconscious form into luggage, along with the six little puppies, waking up is both terrifying and claustrophobic. Fortunately for her, she is discovered by two large green aliens that do not take kindly to the slavery that her alien captors have in store for her. They liberate Cassie and the puppies and adopt them all into their lives and hearts. But Cassie is on the planet illegally and no one other than her new family knows where she truly comes from. Cassie has had her eye on Deryc and Gage who come into the restaurant her new family owns and operates for nearly a year, but once she finds out they are the law she knows she has to steer clear. But mutual attraction makes it difficult, and when two more bumbling aliens kidnap her yet again, it is only Deryc and Gage who can save her. Will they find Cassie in time, and even when they do can they convince her they could have so much more?

I LOVED Hidden Cargo by Sarah Marsh! The different aliens and their descriptions made for fun reading, as did the different personalities. The world building is imaginative and creative. The love scenes are erotic and emotional, and I really loved how these three came together especially given the fact that while Gage was open to having a third partner, Deryc was not as sure, so seeing how perfect they were together when the time came was just awesome! If you love erotic science fiction then I happily recommend Hidden Cargo!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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