Men of the Marvell Ranch

  • Book 1: The Cowboy’s Last Rodeo
  • Book 2: A Marvell Country Christmas
  • Book 3: Challenging the Cowboy
  • Book 4: Her Cowboy Boss

ISBN# 978-1-951190-39-2
August 2019
Tule Publishin
272 Pages
Western Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

McKenna was the rich, popular girl back in high school – the one who was involved in everything. After graduation, life threw her a curve ball when the perfect guy she married turned out to be a self-absorbed jerk. McKenna took a cold hard look at herself and made the conscious decision to change her life for the sake of her son. She invested her divorce settlement in a small Montana ranch and got to work.

Of course Brodie had been attracted to McKenna back in high school. All the guys were. Now he is too smart to fall for that; he has work to do. Then he notices McKenna is not the same brat girl he knew back in the day.

McKenna’s little ranch burns in a wildfire, throwing a monkey wrench into the already uphill battle. Her friend Izzy moves in and conveniently swaps childcare for living quarters, and so off McKenna goes to land a job at the big ranch. Turns out the artistic guy she knew in high school also works there, and he ends up being her boss. Brodie and McKenna handle colts together. McKenna paints fences and gets soaking wet in the alfalfa. After what McKenna has been through, she is in no hurry to roll in the hay again. Her ex calls and her mother wants them to make up, and things get messy.

I love the setting and the secondary characters were well-developed. I identified with McKenna being motivated by maternal love. I gave this story the score I did for things I see a lot in the Romance genre.  I do not fault the author. One, the hero is unoriginal and, two, the child is not believably involved enough in the story. I understand the reasoning behind those things. I simply disagree.

Kimber Li
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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