FEB 2020
Timeless Scribes Publishing
142 pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 cups

When we meet Addison “Addy” Moore, she is at her grandmother Cookie’s house, cleaning out & packing items and having a conversation with Cookie.  Then we realize Cookie has passed away and Addy is having a hard time letting her go. Addy is the last of the Fox Family and has returned to Havenport to go through Cookie’s house and decide what to keep, what to give or loan to the local historical society, as well as go through her grandmother’s patient files and make sure everyone is appropriately referred to a new psychologist before she returns to her own life and practice in New York City.

Ethan Taylor lives in Texas with his great uncle Ben and is trying to help him put his affairs in order before he dies.  His uncle tells him he wants to be cremated and his ashes spread in Fox Hole Cove in Havenport, Rhode Island.  He gives Ethan a picture of himself with two women in his much younger days and tells him a little about the love of his life, Cookie, and the some of the story of why they did not end up together.

After the funeral for Ben and the will reading, Ethan plans a trip to the northeast for work, with the intention of going to Havenport and hopefully fulfilling Ben’s wishes in Havenport and finds Fox Manor and meets Addy. He shows her the picture of his uncle with her grandmother.  She is shocked to find it is the same picture she recently found in a family bible Cookie left for her.  Ethan sticks around to help her catalog some of the household items and they both feel a connection. Along with the old pictures, Ethan also found a deathbed confession of a Mason Dowd in Ben’s paperwork.  He turns over the confession to a FBI agent to see what else he can find out.  Addy has her own mystery, after going through all the family papers and photo albums she finds several years that coincide with Cookie’s college years missing.  Addy and Ethan spend more time together and get almost the whole story from Cookie’s best friend Pearl who is suffering from dementia.  Will they be able to deal with and overcome everything they find out about Cookie and Ben’s past?

I enjoyed this book quite a lot and felt like both Addy and Ethan were people I’d want to know.  They were both dealing with the loss of what had been the most important person in their life.  My father and brother died within a couple of years of each other and we really didn’t really finish grieving for one before we unexpectedly lost the other so I could feel what they were going through.  I also took delight in all the blurbs from Candy Apples in the Havenport Herald.  I am now on the search for more Havenport stories.


Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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